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Unexpected Wave

Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock bridge on the Eastern coast of Antigua steeped in legend and tragedy. The legend goes that if you toss 2 eggs into the hole at Devil’s Bridge the Devil will keep one for himself and throw back the other hard boiled. The tragedy is many people have met their end here and 2 very recently. A lifeguard was called from a nearby resort to see if a body floating was still alive and he too was caught in the waves and drowned. So I advise against swimming, maybe just stick to the eggs.

In this video I had reached the midpoint of the bridge and just turned on the video camera as a huge surge blasted through Devil’s Bridge. It drenched me, soaked Viviana (she wasn’t even on it yet), and scared off two tourists. You can see Vivi all wet and you can hear me laughing or squeaking with a bit of fear and Vivi and the tourists say they aren’t going to cross.

Here are a few more pictures that were taking during our first visit to Devil’s Bridge:

Point at Devil's Bridge
Devil's Bridge
Devil's Bridge
Crab Shell
Crab Shell
Crab Shell
Crab Shell

We had high hopes that our new Crab friend would accompany us on our adventures as a mascot but sadly that last picture of him on the dash resulted in his melting and falling apart…ooops! PS No crabs were harmed in the making of this blog. His shell was already the result of natural causes.

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