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Dengue Fever

Here I was thinking that turning 32 made me lose my ability to party, enjoy a drink, and have a good time. Well this afternoon hope of future parties was restored.  I saw the doctor here and he confirmed I have Dengue fever.  He believes me to be coming out the other side if it now and I should begin to feel better soon.  Right now I have muscle and joint pain, no energy, intense eye pain, headaches and one killer rash on mostly my arms, hands, legs and feet.  I am clear to fly home on Saturday and the only chance of transmission to others is if the f*cking mosquitoes bite me and then bite someone else.  

So right now I sleep most of the day, wear mosquito repellant and take Benedryl and Tylenol.  I am starting to miss my home and my bed now, as being sick away from home is never an enjoyable experience.  Thank God prior experiences and/or vaccinations have kept this fairly serious virus calmer for me than most cases.  Thinking back I had many of these same symptoms during time in Greece, Turkey and Romania in 2009 so that may have been where some immunity developed.

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