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Memory Memories

I have been purging my apartment of all clutter since last summer. Unlike my friend Bev, it has been a very slow process but I am constantly happy with the results! Bev’s plan of attack was to conquer one room at a time / one area. My problem has always been attacking the house all at once. Well this week I focused my attack on my filing system and came across some head shaking receipts.

  • August 8, 2005: A 512 MB memory card for $84.98!!! Ridiculous!
  • December 25, 2005: A 1 GB memory card for $69.99!! Yes a boxing day sale but double the memory for less price only a few months later.
  • April 2009: I was in Montreal and purchased a 8 GB memory stick for $12.99! Super cheap!

Other receipts of nostalgic relevance before shredding…

  • March 18, 2005: A 19″ computer monitor for $429.99!
  • Christmas of 2008 I think: A 42″ HDTV for $499.99!

I think I will wait a little bit before I get my iPad LOL

PS In 1997 I actually paid $199.00 apparently to have a cassette player installed in my Plymouth Sundance! LOL

PPS In respect to purging my life, all receipts for anything not under warranty are GONE! Along with about 90% of the other items in my files.

2 comments to Memory Memories

  • Bev

    Different techniques work for different people. Neil’s way works for him but it wouldn’t have worked for me. I just had so much clutter. I did it room by room, task by task. I spent most of the month of February clearing clutter. I scheduled sessions to clear clutter and I spent a whole entire weekend shredding documents. I had tax returns all the way back to 1982. I kept seven years of tax returns and six months for everthing else (utility bills, credit card statements and bank statements). That’s all you need – anything older than that is obselete.

    If anyone out there is considering de-cluttering, I highly recommend it. I feel so much lighter and I am the happiest I have ever been in my place. I know it’s because I am no longer surrounded by so much clutter. Everything in my place now is there because I want it to be.

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  • Miguel

    LOL @ your technology prices :)

    awhile ago i found an old case from buying a memory stick, it didnt say how big it was, but i would GUESS it was 64mb (The kind of memory that stick in a motherboard) and it was $349.99


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