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Coup D’etat

Well no one can say the eviction speeches in the Big Brother house have been uneventful this year! WOW you tell them Casey!

So Casey is gone, yes that is sad, but not as sad as it would have been if Jordan had went home. I am very anxious to see who wins HoH tonight! But…. even crazier is the new power in the house the Coup D’etat. This person as chosen by America (Canada/World via online) will have the power to over throw the nominations right before the live eviction! So get out there and vote for my man Jessie! If you won’t do it for him, voting for one of these people will also make me very happy! Jeff, Jordan, or Russell!

America’s Vote!

My “Cheering For” line-up
# Last Show # Tonight’s Show
1 Jessie 1 Jessie
2 Russell 2 Russell
3 Jeff 3 Jeff
4 Laura 4 Jordan
5 Natalie 5 Natalie
6 Casey 6 Michele
7 Lydia 7 Kevin
8 Kevin 8 Lydia
9 Michele 9 Chima
10 Chima 999 Ronnie
666 Ronnie    

PS That clip about Jordan and Jeff & their families was so adorable!

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  • Nick

    This episode made me laugh, Cassie was entertaining and watching them smack into that diploma on the swing. Entertaining. I just hope people don’t listen to you and vote for Jesse, he needs to be out of there! Vote Jeff 😀

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