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2 months…

A friend of mine in Spain pointed out that in only 2 months time I will be on the plane to Paris, France to begin my European tour!

That means even less than that till I am hanging with my buds in Montreal! So I got the bug to do some more booking of hostels tonight and booked 2 more countries. Thanks to Facebook I noticed my friend Ryan was in Turkey so I asked him for a recommendation and booked into the awesome hostel he stayed in.

This was his status on Facebook…

Ryan just had a large Turkish man tickle my feet then pull me around a large marble table for an hour

Man I can’t wait to do that on my Birthday! LOL

I also booked Amsterdam! Just have Vienna to book and I am done, but Ryan is now in Vienna and I am waiting to here if he likes his hostel there. Never hurts to have a friend’s recommendation when there are so many good hostels to choose from.

Ooooo and EEEEK! I am booked into a 32 bed dorm in Amsterdam! 32?!?!? I can’t even imagine what that would look like but I am pumped, the hostel looks great!

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