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WHY did I have to look?

No More Hot Chocolate

So today I drank my last Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate :-( All because I looked!

It was after I went with Nick for my second hot chocolate of the day when I asked myself… “Self, why did you just go for your second Hot Chocolate? Was it just because you wanted to go for the walk and needed to buy something at the other end? Was it because you secretly wanted to catch a glimpse of Ben? Or was it something more?”

When I got home I did some research and got my answer. Each and everyone of my Extra Large Hot Chocolates contains 480 Calories! As if that isn’t enough I found out that the “trace amount” of caffeine in an extra large is a bit more “trace” than I would like it to be. It is still a far cry from all the Quad Shot Coffees and the 6 litres of Diet Coke I used to have per day but for someone that has been addicted to caffeine this hot chocolate leaves the door open to the addiction.

So I guess this afternoon was my last hot chocolate. Good thing other people at work like Tim’s so I will still be able to work at getting up the nerve to talk to “Ben”.

I have a very cool feature planned for the blog as a result of this change but I ran out of time tonight to implement it. Stay tuned!

PS I have walked to and from work everyday this week, went to the pool last night, tried “Yoga Booty Ballet” with Becca tonight and am so sore now I am going to the pool to soak in the hot tub!

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