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Edmonton Island Escape?

Cha Island Tea Co.

In the middle of a very hectic day I was driving around running some errands and was trying to stay positive thinking of my upcoming trip to Antigua when there it was…

It’s patio umbrellas, palm trees and cheerful colors promised me an island adventure. It is located just off Whyte Ave on the same road as Shopper’s Drug Mart and Von’s, next to Calgary Trail South. The menu has a focus on Paninis, Belgian Waffles, and Teas however they do have other items (not that you need them). I had the Pestomato panini (Delicious!!! In fact so good I ate it before I thought of taking a picture), the White Sandy Beach waffle (pictured above) and the East Coast Blueberry shaken iced tea (Not much left for the picture it was so refreshing)!

I totally recommend them, I met one of the co-owners, Jake and he was super friendly! They also have an upstairs room with a fireplace and games and are open year round. I can definitely see coming there one night in the winter to hang out and get that tropical feeling. If you are headed there, reach out to me I might join you! Maybe even seek them out for a bite or drink during the Fringe Festival!

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