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For Your Entertainment?

Someone I know bought the new Adam Lambert CD “For Your Entertainment” (2009) Rating: ( I will leave them anonymous in case they are embarrassed LOL jk). So I decided to review the CD for you with my quirky little comments that I normally give that person.

14) Time for Miracles – Bletch! 13) Broken […]

Speed on Green

If you live in Edmonton I am sure you have heard by now and if you don’t I am sure it is only a matter of time your city will have these too. We now have “Speed” cameras at some of our intersections in addition to the “Red Light” cameras. So if you are speeding […]

Are you a Top or Bottom?

Last night in the dark of my car I started to eat my cookie like this…    I was instantly aware that something was wrong and had to switch the cookie to be like this…   

So when it comes to cookies I am definitely a top! Thank goodness for Oreos! I go both ways […]

Guilty Pleasure

I am sure none of my friends would guess this but I really enjoy catching an episode of “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels” on Much More Music. I don’t seek it out, but if I turn on the TV and see it in the guide you know I am going to pick it. My favorite characters […]

Record of your transaction

OK this picture is going back in time for some retro blogging. Below is a bank machine receipt from the Glorietta mall in Manila, Philippines from my trip in August. I brought it home for two reasons.

I just love when foreign currency exchange rates show my account balance being $45,980.37


The statement […]

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