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For Your Entertainment?

Someone I know bought the new Adam Lambert CD “For Your Entertainment” (2009) Rating: ★★★½☆
( I will leave them anonymous in case they are embarrassed LOL jk).
So I decided to review the CD for you with my quirky little comments that I normally give that person.

14) Time for Miracles – Bletch!
13) Broken Open – Bletch!
12) Aftermath – Meh
11) Sleepwalker – Not bad, so not unchecking it in iTunes just yet
10) Fever – Cool! I like the sound! Oooooo very fun just before the chorus! Fuh Fuh Fuh Fever YAY!
9) Pick U Up – I think it will grow on me… Ooooo creepy laugh at the end!
8 ) If I Had You – Fun lyrics!
7) A Loaded Smile – Yuck!
6) Sure Fire Winners – LOL ummmm maybe but probably not and too corny. Decided to not load it to the iPod.
5) Soaked – What the?
4) Strut – Has to be my favorite song on the entire CD! This one I can listen to on repeat!
3) Whataya Want From Me – Not bad, sometimes I feel this way.
2) For Your Entertainment – 2nd favorite song on the CD!
1) Music Again – I also like this song so I guess that makes it my 3rd favorite. However the person who this CD belongs to I know doesn’t like it.

One thing we both agree on is that Adam’s album art is hideously horrific!

Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment

David Bowie much?

2 comments to For Your Entertainment?

  • Lesley

    Coincidentally he was on Ellen today and sang “Whataya Want From Me” – all I kept thinking was that his voice seems really 80’s to me… tie that in with his album cover and I’m just not sure what to think?!?

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  • Michelle M.

    If I didn’t know who he was and I saw this on the shelf I really would think it was an album for a girl named Adam, he is prettier than most girls I know.

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