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WHY did I have to look?

So today I drank my last Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate 🙁 All because I looked!

It was after I went with Nick for my second hot chocolate of the day when I asked myself… “Self, why did you just go for your second Hot Chocolate? Was it just because you wanted to go […]


I am a HUGE fan of free WiFi (Wireless Internet)! Especially when I travel. In fact I will often choose hostels over other hostels if they advertise free WiFi services. Even better if it is available all over the hostel including the rooms and not just the lobby.

In the past using my iPod Touch […]

MyFav 7 Billion

Who’s in your network?

While in Montreal I got a real kick out of these posters commissioned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal for their Annual Collection.

This was just a small one posted in a window but later on I saw giant posters unfurled between columns of a massive church downtown. The posters were […]

If you seek Neil

I am headed home today after a wonderful stay in Montréal. The stay was made wonderful by all my beautiful friends here and it didn’t hurt that Mother Nature has blessed us with two days of +28 degree weather. I noticed in the bathroom mirror this morning that my face even appears to have a […]

25% en prime!

I am sure you have all have seen 25% en prime on your promotional bottles of shampoo or maybe during your early morning cereal box French lessons. In those cases it means 25% more!

In the case of last night it means 25% more alcohol in my blood stream than would normally be there. I […]

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