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Postcard #15

This picture was taken just before catching my train to Berlin. This was the morning I woke up and didn’t realize I had no voice (Laryngitis) until I tried to speak to the bus driver and said “Squeeeeeeak”. When I arrived to the train station I rushed to buy my beloved train station food and I saw a croissant with chocolate drizzle all over it and a sign that said “Marzipan-Croissant” so I ordered it. The guy reached into the case and pulled out a completely different croissant with almonds on it (pictured here). I had no voice so I didn’t correct him and bit in. AMAZING! So now to test out this new found croissant I ran to another vendor and again ordered a “Marzipan-Croissant”! To my delight it was the same thing, so the sign was just mislabeled at the other shop. All in all I discovered I like Marzipan-Croissants and that a 1 Euro 50 crossant is much better than a 95 cent croissant! :-)
        Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, Germany

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