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Let’s guy physical

A long time ago I gave myself the gift of a yearly physical on my birthday. Well due to medical back logs I had my physical today in March instead of in September for my birthday.

If you have any medical histories in your family or any risk factors I suggest you give your body the same curteousy. Each time they get easier and it is probably good to get in the habit of going while you are healthy.

Curious as to what goes on? Here is a peek at what to expect (some things for a guy only).

Checks your height, weight, joints, reflexes, pulse all over your body, heart rate and pressure, asks you about all your different systems and if you have any problems, checks your gut, makes you cough for hernias, checks lungs, then you flip on your side for the prostate check. They will send you for blood work to check your cholesterol and other factors. My doctor is also giving me an extra cancer screening test. He says that he will only order this once every few years or so. This is precautionary only, the physical exam was clear.

When all your results come back clear you get piece of mind. If there are problems lucky you! You found them and get to work on them. If you find something really bad then really lucky you, you found it earlier than you would have by not going.

The worst part of the whole visit… My doctor always uses too much lube. Must be as a curteousy to all those straight guys extra nervous about someone poking around down there 😉

1 comment to Let’s guy physical

  • Michelle M.

    Oooh thanks for the reminder, mine is usually in February but I forgot to make an appointment this year, I better get on it.

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