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An important day!

Today May 31, 2013 marks a very important day where I really start to Eat Life Up! I have turned in my notice on my apartment that I have lived in for 12 years! I am moving out of my apartment and into the world.

This may be hard for you to comprehend at first but it will become clear as you follow my journey. This is the first step toward achieving all my travel and life goals.

I will primarily for the next 2 years be splitting my time between the cabin (now nicknamed Neilandia) and the world. Each year I spend approximately 2 months in Vancouver for work and 2-3 months in foreign lands for work and pleasure. By leaving my apartment now it will help me realize my goal to semi-retire and spend 6 months in Canada working and 6 months in foreign lands! More to come on this, including cabin renovation updates, videos, challenges, travel and excitement!

Today I celebrate by opening a “special occasion” wine. A 2000 Italian Red Chianti! *cheers* Love you all! Thanks for the support from those that had to deal with my “OMG am I really doing this!?!” moments.

Keanae, Maui, Hawaii sunrise

I woke up at 4am again today and drove the Hana Highway to the closest, remote, and beautiful place I knew that the sun would rise over the ocean. This was my reward :-)
        Keanae, Maui, Hawaii

Northshore Maui Hostel

I lie awake in my Northshore Maui Hostel bed at 4:30am marveling at the variety of breathing my bunk mates have. I am not awake because of them but rather from the jet lag. I managed to sleep 4 uninterrupted hours with them so far.

Let me classify them for you:

  1. The warthog – snorts about in his sleep almost like he is sniffing out food
  2. The one nostril teapot – pretty self explanatory “wheeeeeeeee, wheeeeeee”
  3. The snake – “hissssssss, hissssss”
  4. The JOE – I can tell your lying, because when you are sleeping you “sputter, sputter, sputter, sputter”
  5. And finally The Rusty Donkey – Heeeeeeeee Haaaaawwww Heeeeee Hawwwwwww

It is now 6:30 am. I managed to force 2 more hours sleep out of me before posting this. Time now to get up and decide what to make of my first island day!

        Wailuku, Hawaii

Postcard #34


This majestical country that is India has so many ways to view it. I have been so lucky to be here for a month to experience many of these views. Food, people, weather, city, hills, caves, temples, work, day & night! I had a huge day of exploring with friends yesterday. Many pictures to come from that day! This is the last postcard from the Sinhagad Fort trip.
        Sinhagad Fort, India

Postcard #33




Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty could’ve had quite the fall. We were quite high up and these pictures fail to capture some of the steep edges. I chose my poses carefully though and only took pictures in places where I knew the fall would only rough me up versus terminate me! The bottom picture is an overall snapshot of the back entrance of the fort. It is still used today by villagers from down in the valley. They hike up the mountain and enter here to sell their wares or tell stories to visitors.
        Sinhagad Fort, India
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