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Second Last Big Brother Post!

WOW! Great episode tonight!

I have to admit I was nervous the entire show thinking that Dan or Memphis might stupidly decide to turn on the other one and destroy their “Renegade” alliance they have been running since week 4 in the house.

In the end the Renegades held STRONG! Dan won HoH Part 1 on the airplanes (Renegade Plan), Memphis SLAUGHTERED Jerry by 40 mins in the skill Part 2 HoH (Renegade Plan), and it didn’t really matter who won Part 3 between Dan and Memphis but in the end Dan won and I think it was for the better entertainment and speech wise.

It was so exciting for me to watch them jumping around in the house hugging and high fiving each other when they were the final two! I was jumping up and down in my living room and knocked over my coffee table!

So as I likely won’t post anything for the Sunday filler show this is the second last Big Brother post of the season. You have two interactive tasks to complete:

  1. Go to CBS and Vote for Keesha to win the $25,000 America’s vote Juror prize because we all felt so sad seeing her go home on Tuesday
  2. Vote in my pre-poll below for not who you think will win but who is your favorite house guest Dan or Memphis at this stage in the game? If you are not sure, go ahead, have a shallow moment and vote purely on looks. I am curious to see where the world is at on this one

From outside the Big Brother House this is EatingLifeUp!

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