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So I have decided Fall is here! I know it isn’t supposed to start until around September 20th but the weather and the trees beg to differ. I am totally OK with this because Fall has always been my favorite time of year!

The fact that it is starting now excites me because that hopefully means that it will last a lot longer. There past few years I have felt cheated out of a good Alberta fall. It seemed like one day the leaves were yellow, the next they were on the ground and the third day it would snow.

This year looks more promising. There is a cool crisp and fresh feeling to the air. There are little hints of yellow among the trees. I spent the day at the cabin today and the Canadian Geese on the lake were so vocal they seemed to be having meetings about their upcoming trip to the South. I love the mornings that I walk out of my apartment and you can’t tell if it rained last night or if the fall dew was just really heavy. I also love how I find myself taking extra deep breathes to fully inhale and appreciate the season shift.

Activities I look forward to in the fall are my yearly birthday trip and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). Granted this year I have decided to stay home for my birthday but I have a major trip that is in the works and looks promising. This trip will be in November and I can’t wait to tell you all about it as soon as I book the tickets.

So I leave you all with great wishes for a wonderful fall! Or if you are reading from the opposite hemisphere I hope you enjoy your spring. Then there are those of you who, like my families in Cuba, don’t experience much of a season change and have never experienced a fall. For you I will be sure to take pictures! (The pictures in this post were photos I took from prior years)


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