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Movember 20th

Ahhhhhh I couldn’t take it anymore! My moustache was getting out of control. It was so bushy, I didn’t have wax for it and it was over taking my lip. I constantly had to comb it out of the way and an overgrown moustache isn’t conducive to eating gravy consistency Indian food with your fingers.


I almost shaved it off in a moment of rage but I saw Rajesh’s perfectly trimmed moustache. I needed to attempt something so i twirlled my stache and pondered a moment.


I tried using a toe nail clipper and realized A) that is gross and B) very difficult. So I asked the hotel if they had scissors I could borrow expecting giant ones… What they had for me was kindergarten craft scissors…


It took a bit of time and effort but I managed to bonsai sculpt a respectable end product that will let the stache live another day!


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