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Postcard #31


Just when you think you know everything about a peanut! While we were hiking at Sinhagad Fort Rudra bought some steamed fresh peanuts. Not roasted, not hard, they didn’t shatter, they simply peeled open, were soft with a pink hue, and had the most interesting flavor and moisture. I love new experiences!
        Sinhagad Fort, India

5 comments to Postcard #31

  • Lorrie

    I had boiled peanuts while in the southern US. There they also boil them in different flavors which was interesting.I went for original.. not sure why you would want to boil peanuts but there are signs all over for Boiled Peanuts so is quite popular there and folks were shocked I hadn’t had them before.

    admin Reply:

    I asked the team today about the peanuts and you are 100% right Lorrie! They are boiled, not steamed. The steam was just keeping them warm I guess… So you have tasted exactly what I am talking about!

  • Abhisek

    Awesome…your postcards are really Excellent

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Abhishek! Glad you like them!

  • Becca

    These look great! I guess I should have stopped on the roadside in Texas.

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