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Earth Hour

I am home, I remembered, I plan to participate!

Candles for Earth Hour

Tonight at 8:30 I plan to shut my electricity for 60 mins with the rest of the world. If you ask me this is a bit much to ask of a guy that has recently turned his TV off. Turned his home phone off. Hasn’t owned a microwave in over a year… etc. Not to mention I lived 6 months of my youth with no power, 1 year with only a fireplace for heat, and 3 years without running water.

I am grateful tonight though that I have a cozy home, candles to read by, and many other blessings. For me this 60 mins will not only be about the earth, environment and power but also a moment to reflect on those devastated by disasters around the world or those living with less comforts.

My planned activity for the hour? I met a pretty great guy on the internet recently. His favorite book is Jane Eyre so I picked up a copy and have been working through it. I absolutely love the time period and the language used in the book. With my candles at my side I will endeavor to travel to the early 1800’s and polish off a few more pages. What are you doing / What did you do tonight?

Jane Eyre

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