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New Drinks!

Five new drinks have entered my life recently and I wanted to share them with you all!

Grasshöper Beer with crushed wedge of Lime

  • Usually this beer comes with a lemon I am told, however that combo tasted liked Mr. Clean or Lemon PineSol. So I switched it to a Lime wedge and REALLY enjoyed it! Very light refreshing taste
  • Credit for this discovery goes to Shelley & Tim

Der Mexikaner

  • You might have seen this drink appearing in my Facebook or Twitter feeds on the long weekend. POW!!!!! It packs a punch! The drink is half German, and half Mexican, hence the name. It is 1/2 shot of Jägermeister, 1/2 shot of Jose Cuervo Especial (Full shots for a double), Soda, and a crushed Lime wedge. If you are like me and Jäger makes you horny, and Tequila makes you crazy, this drink is sure to make you crazy-horny!
  • Credit goes to Myself and Lizzie from PLAY nightclub


  • See above but in shot glass form. 1/3 Jäger, 1/3 Tequila, 1/3 lime juice. Much more of an instant party!
  • Credit goes to someone on the internet while researching “Der Mexikaner”.

Decaf Venti Soy Carmel Americano Misto

  • This is my new morning beverage at Starbucks. The name itself pretty much says it all, but if you are confused about the Misto part like I was, basically it means “half milk”. So where a normal Café Americano from Starbucks is espresso and hot water, a misto is half hot water and half milk of your choosing (Soy, Non Fat, 1% etc.)
  • Credit goes to the guy I am seeing, it is his drink modified from a Decaf Grande Non Fat 2 Pump Carmel Americano Misto.

Decaf Venti Soy No Whip Java Chip Light Frappuccino

  • My frozen beverage of choice for the summer from Starbucks. Again pretty descriptive in the name. Now if only I knew how to ask them not to blend it to a pulp. I like my Java Chips chunky. Maybe if I add the words “Half blended” to the title? Help needed from my Starbucks peeps.
  • Credit goes to Starbucks new However-you-want-it Frappuccinos that you can create to your liking. (Decaf, non fat, soy, light etc.)

Happy drinking everyone!

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