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Tonight driving home from the West end I spotted a photo radar van lurking in the bushes. So I hit the brakes, slowed to 50 km and drove past. Then safely far enough away I resumed my speed of 60 km. Reaching my new speed my car was suddenly a sparkling disco ball of red and blue lights :-(

I was being pulled over. The officer was not impressed and I felt very guilty and busted. I can only imagine that my spotless record or the obvious guilt won him over because he came back to the car with my license, registration, and insurance and told me he was not going to issue a ticket. Instead he was going to put me on probation and if he sees me receive a ticket of any kind in the next 6 months he will issue me a ticket for tonight. So for the next 6 months I will be extra on top of my driving speed and I apologize now for any appointments I am slightly late for…

PS Thank-you universe for smiling down on me yet again!

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