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Postcard #30

Saturday morning we left work at 5:30am and headed out to explore Sinhagad Fort just outside Pune. We snapped 100s of photos there so blogging the experience will be best done on a computer v.s. my iPhone. However this is one of my favorite scenery shots of the morning! The landscape appears alien […]

Postcard #29

While en route for the shopping day I spotted this ruined building and treescape that I NEEDED to photograph. I had John turn around the motorcycle so I could snap these photos. I loved the fresco you can see around the door, the invasion of the tree and the many crows and eagles in […]

Video Postcard!

I went shopping today with John before work and had a great time seeing more of Pune. We visited quite a few shops/markets and a snapped a couple pictures along the way. This was a quick video of my road experience from the back of his motorcycle! (Sorry for the wind noise at […]

Postcard #28

My suntan haven! I am loving the weather here! Everyday is sunny and 30-32 degrees. Nights are pleasant at 15-19 degrees. Last week I committed myself to taking a life pause for 20 mins each day to suntan by the hotel pool. I am browning like a Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken quite nicely […]

Postcard #27

Another postcard from the cafeteria. In front are a couple of my favorite “Hot Veg Sandwiches”. The Sweet Corn is a concoction of corn, maybe mayo, I think onions, sugar, pepper, salt, grilled like a panini and covered with cheese. The other is Potato Cheese Toast, spicy chili chutney, slices of a boiled […]

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