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High-stakes Indian Frogger

If I want to visit the mall across the street from my hotel I have to cross this large highway with aim, timing, and a don’t hesitate attitude! Crosswalks either don’t exist or aren’t observed. This time I would say rated medium to low difficulty compared to yesterday and you can see based on time […]


Friday night in Hamburg brought my first trip to the famous Reeperbahn! It was super cold out so we took in the sights of this street/district quickly and focused our time on two places. “Murphy’s”… The Irish Pub Romy works in and “Wunderbar”… The gay night club where we could get our dance on! Hamburgers […]

Postcard #17

A goal I set for myself in Germany was to buy 1 pair of new jeans. The criteria… They must be “Euro different” while also being something I would feel comfortable wearing back in Canada. After searching a few stores in Hamburg & every corner of Berlin I finally found this pair at […]

Postcard #16

This I believe will be my only postcard from Berlin. The reason being that Konstantin had a very cool surprise for me that involved photography. He introduced me to a hobby classified as Lomography. He gave me a camera with real film and it was my mission to fill up the roll before […]

Postcard #15

This picture was taken just before catching my train to Berlin. This was the morning I woke up and didn’t realize I had no voice (Laryngitis) until I tried to speak to the bus driver and said “Squeeeeeeak”. When I arrived to the train station I rushed to buy my beloved train station […]

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