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Under the sea, Hawaii edition

I was happily swimming along exploring what the ocean had to offer and suddenly something caught my eye. Right next to me was this cute baby turtle! I was thrilled to have my camera at my ready and filmed this short video before he took a dive and hid under a reef shelf.

Part 2 […]

Sunrise Yoga!

Yesterday I had an amazing day of Sun, Surf & Sand! I woke up extra early for our snorkel adventure and arrived at Chelsea’s villa while everyone was still sleeping. I grabbed my yoga mat and snuck in 30 mins of breathtaking yoga on this ocean-side enclosure that Chelsea is getting married on […]

Breathtaking views!

I am really trying to relax on the island so I haven’t taken many photos yet and yesterday was spent pretty much the entire day by the pool at The Fairmont with Chelsea and the group. I had an amazing day and managed to capture an evening view from reception when we returned […]

Alaska Airlines baggage crew

Check out the righteous digs of the Alaska airlines baggage crew! Quite styling if I do say so myself. Is that Fernando Sucre from Prison Break? Oooooo new reality TV show Airport Break? Right now I’m trying to break out of LAX! Maui bound!

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