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IKEA Kitchens
The Library


I arrived in Vancouver this morning and was greeted right from the skytrain with beautiful views of all the trees in blossom. When I got off the train and started my short walk to the office in a cool fresh mist I came upon this Magnolia and was speachless. They are so stunning […]

Shopping Goal

Las Vegas in June shopping goal…


That is all! Thank you!

Sandals in defiance of winter!

Avocados Antiguan Style

I was missing Vivi and dreaming of Antigua the other day so in honour of her and her mom I grabbed an avocado and decided to eat it in the fashion they did during my stay last September on the island. It is so simple, yet so delicious! Often with a meal they would slice […]

From Top Down to Trees Down

Holy! I had no idea what was supposed to happen weather wise last night! What a shock when a co-worker told me to look outside of my apartment. There must be at least a foot of snow out there that was grass yesterday. It was only this past weekend I was talking about getting a […]

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