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My bad

The website has been lacking in some speedo action so when I saw this video I HAD TO SHARE IT!

There were speedo incidents in Antigua but none were captured on video or film so this is the best I can do. I was trying really hard for an impressive tan line but the Dengue […]

Unexpected Wave

Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock bridge on the Eastern coast of Antigua steeped in legend and tragedy. The legend goes that if you toss 2 eggs into the hole at Devil’s Bridge the Devil will keep one for himself and throw back the other hard boiled. The tragedy is many people have met their […]

Dengue Fever

Here I was thinking that turning 32 made me lose my ability to party, enjoy a drink, and have a good time. Well this afternoon hope of future parties was restored. I saw the doctor here and he confirmed I have Dengue fever. He believes me to be coming out the other side […]

Such a poser

Since I shared George on the blog a few days ago he has received some fan mail and the attention has gone to his head! This morning he was begging for a photo shoot.

Under the sea

Still nothing major from the storm. Today was overcast and we had a small bit of rain here at the house. The power went out twice which was odd because it wasn’t that bad here but everything seems to be connected to the main town on the other side of the island and the other […]

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