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The TV goes!

A big thanks to everyone that voted on the “Turf the TV” poll! Also a very special shout out to Darcy for her amazing message she sent me on Facebook regarding that post. Her note resonated with being a TV zombie and listed some of the great things she wants to do with less TV.



So I took my first Caff-nap this morning. I can’t remember if it was Chelsea, Mandi, or Emily that told me about this phenomenon. The idea is that before you take a nap you chug a cup of coffee and then go to sleep. You wake up not only refreshed from the nap but also […]

Turf the TV?

It’s that time again. I am thinking about shutting off my digital TV. There are books I want to read, things in my house I want to clean, exercising I want to do and I think that removing my “have-to-watch PVR’d shows” will allow me to get to those things. For the most part when […]

Caramel Take-me-out-o!

Ever since I started at Starbucks I have joked about writing my phone number on top of a cutie’s drink. Tonight after my second encounter with a customer that has been making me swoon I jokingly tried it out on my drink. It isn’t exactly up to Starbuck’s drink recipe standards and it […]

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