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IKEA Kitchens
The Library


It’s Monday morning and I am in the Toronto Airport. I decided to grab breakfast, not because I was hungry thank goodness, just to kill some time. I was seated by the hostess. Given a menu from the waiter and I unloaded my bags and got comfortable.

Then when the waiter returned I ordered […]

Surprise Notes!

Today the journey begins! I am off to Toronto tonight and on to Cuba Monday morning. Thoughts of seeing my family in Cuba have filled my mind for the entire month of January and it is only today setting in that I will see them tomorrow! A big thanks to everyone that helped this year […]

It’s someone’s job

I got home from a very hectic day and the first thing that happened when I walked through the door was the phone rang. The girl on the other end gave her spiel “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of ____ a nation wide market research company. I assure you I am not selling anything. We […]

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Funny when -11 feels beautiful!

Heat wave!!!

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