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So it isn’t in the cards for 2011 but after seeing this video this has definitely been added to my list of must experiences. Australia is on my current travel plan for New Years Eve of 2015/16. Could I stay there long enough to make it to Mardi Gras in late Feb early March? Maybe […]

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Naked Lips!

I shaved off the stache today! On one hand I miss it, on the other it was good while it lasted. I just ate a new variety of apple I found at H & W produce tonight. It is called a Sonia and this one was the biggest apple I have honestly ever seen in […]

Hrmmm Frobruary?

This video was on my Facebook wall just now. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share! I love how happy they are! Like Happy x 100! Anyways… if you look carefully you will see some great 70’s pornstaches in the video and I love the fros! Too bad I can’t grow a fro in […]

The Inspector!

OK I couldn’t bare to part with it quite yet so I shaved off half of it and left the French Triangle. The picture doesn’t quite do it full justice but you get the idea. Hopefully you get to see me before it is gone for good and you can get in one extra […]

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