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Tall, Dark, and Goofy!

Today was mascara day to show you all my progress. Finally a photo where you can see all the blond hair that was in there. One heck of a shock when I look in the mirror! As you can see in my facial expressions I don’t know what to make of it!


How’s it floating?

I realized I didn’t get around to posting this video. I was captivated by this beautiful art installation at the Toronto Pearson Airport on my recent trip to the states. It is massive, yet simple. Dull, yet intricate. Basically it is small plastic cubes of different colors suspended and moving through water in different patterns […]

Movember Latte!

Hey everyone, you probably already know but in case you don’t Starbucks is having a Holiday Share Promo today through Sunday the 21st. If you visit Starbucks between 2pm and 5pm Today, Saturday, or Sunday and buy a holiday beverage you get a second holiday beverage for FREE! Enjoy!

Here is me and my […]

Ohhhh Kir Kir!

Kirstin posted this video on my Facebook and while it doesn’t apply to me, I repeat, it doesn’t apply to me (I am sure I can pass your name along to some friends) I really wanted to share this video with you to add to the awareness! Enjoy, Laugh, Grow!


Oats anyone?

Does anyone else think of the Quaker Oats Guy, Wilfred Brimley when they look at this picture?

Thanks to everyone so much for your support! You have all been awesome!

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