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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Smile, Laugh, Identify, Cry

Thanks to Jordy for posting this video on Facebook! I was really enjoying it and knew I wanted it on the blog. As I watched it I was thinking of what to write about it. I was going to write “Warning: I do not identify with any part of this song”. But then the song […]

No Fly Zone

This morning in the shower there was a fly. I can’t ever recall having a fly in my house oddly enough. The occasional spider or bug yes, but I think this was my first fly. Now Instead of trying to kill the fly I commenced operation “Make the fly drown!”

Those suckers do way better […]

Fall walk colors

This weekend was magical for me. Fall has always been my favorite season and I can’t help photographing it. I spent Saturday at my mom’s going on walks with my mom, my nephew, and our dog. I spent Sunday at the cabin with Alycia and Cam enjoying the crisp fresh air and beautiful colors. Here […]

Custom Press 50 Male

LMAO! When I was in Vegas I needed to get a massage for my lower back. It was killing me after all the flights, combined with all the walking on the strip. So I went the MGM Grand Spa and had a licensed, registered, massage, from a reputable massage therapist. I came home and submitted […]

Talent Tuesday

Sorry in advance! I try to vary the content on EatingLifeUp to not include too many of one style back to back. I seem to be on a little run of videos to share with you right now, but this one was SO AMAZING that I couldn’t let it sit in the hopper for a […]

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