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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Running for Raisin Bread

Annnnnd…. we’re back! I am back from Vegas, the header images are back (big brother post to follow soon), and I am back on my diet/workout plan using Lose it! on the iPhone.

The summer break has been good, but my body has rested enough. I have slid back as far as I want to […]

We’ve got a screamer!

The plan was to stay at the New York New York Casino for two nights, then move to the Sahara. Long, long story, but the internet set-up at the Sahara casino wasn’t compatible with my work laptop so…. after working outside in 40 degree heat on a Starbucks patio for 2 hours so I could […]

Perverted Scary Cat “The Video”

Heeeeee’s Baaaaack! This morning coming out of the shower that freaky cat from next door was pressed up against my bathroom window again. Startled me and I almost fell back into the shower. This time I grabbed my iPhone and managed to get a video for you! This is the crazy cat I have to […]

Mmmm creamy!

Finally some ice cream that I can eat! (besides soy and yogurt) Mmmmm!

Big Rachel House

Ugh, Rachel has been on a very slow tumble in my rankings. Tonight she drove me insane! I really hope that she goes home tomorrow instead of Brendon. Although my favorite line in tonight’s show did belong to her.

Britney do you have a minute to talk?

Where the F*CK else is she going to […]

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