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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Montreal Impact

This in my mind was a great way to spend an evening in Montreal. As a visitor it was exciting to see the olympic park up close and explore a little bit. The game was almost sold out but we had no problems showing up and buying our tickets right at the gate. […]

World’s Best Office!

Today could not get any better! I am having a very productive work day, I have my coffee, my sunscreen, my water, and my computer. If I get too hot because the temperature here right now is 30 degrees I simply get up, stretch, jump in the pool and cool off.

I will […]

Pool incident

It seems like it was just yesterday I was bottoming out on the trampoline at the farm and now today I bottom out in the pool!

I was jumping off the small dive board and through an inner tube. Next thing I know my nose was sniffing cement and my forehead followed tout […]


This week in Montreal has been amazing and jam packed. The first day here I packed so much into the day that I blew a muscle in my hip! I finally had time on Friday to get a massage to start the healing process.

However today is the weekend. I got caught up […]

Memory Memories

I have been purging my apartment of all clutter since last summer. Unlike my friend Bev, it has been a very slow process but I am constantly happy with the results! Bev’s plan of attack was to conquer one room at a time / one area. My problem has always been attacking the house all […]

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