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Drum roll please….

I weighed in this morning and I have successfully completed my current weight loss goal.

I have now lost 36 lbs since starting the “Lose it!” app on my iPod/iPhone since January 11. The original target date for the weight loss set by the app was May 3rd. Today is May 27th […]

Smile with your eyes…

Ohhhhhh and look, Tyra didn’t say anything about looking with your eyes too!

I watched Cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model and what that normally means is on my walk to work if the music or surroundings hit me just right I work on my “runway”! Well yesterday I was smiling with my eyes, […]

3rd date & counting

I just got in from my 3rd date. This was the “supper date” and I had a great time! Keeping in mind your views from the dating poll really seemed to help. I was able to hold myself in the moment and not float away to the possibly doomed future. I must say, living in […]

OMG I am in trouble!

I haven’t been to the pool since I left for Montreal. I can’t believe it has been that long especially since I was going about 3 times per week. Well tonight I didn’t think anything of it, jumped on my bike and rode to the pool. I chilled in the hot tub, then did a […]

Results time…

How do you view dating? (Select all that apply)

A process that leads to one of two endings A way to pass time with people / make friends If the first or second date isn’t magical then it is over If they are […]

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