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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library


Lucia and I were trying to find a place to park the rental car overnight before we head to Mont Tremblant tomorrow. There was a sign that was in French that our skills weren’t helping with. My best guess was that if you parked there they would put make-up on your strawberries again. Thank goodness […]

Worst group photo EVER!

I have no clue why we didn’t try for another picture. Maybe the food came or we just couldn’t stop laughing at what a bad picture it was. Completely missing from the picture is the man of the hour. Michel (The birthday boy) is hiding behind my head. I wonder if anyone else took […]

Stop and smell the playground

Big thanks to LuLu the other day. She wanted to stop on our walk for a quick ride on the swing set. Besides that fact that sometimes I don’t fit on the playground I still enjoy them. It was nice to feel the wind rush past as I climbed higher and higher on the swing. […]

The Daymaker

When I woke up this morning the first thought that went through my head was “I think I need to take tomorrow as a vacation day”. I was dragging my butt all the way to work until….

THERE HE WAS! I could spot him approaching from 2 blocks away. The slight bounce and swish in […]


It isn`t often that I post a blog post with a buzz on but I felt the need to provide you all with at least some form of blog update. I just had a birthday dinner for Michel at Machiavell`s, a great bring your own wine Italian restaurant. We have had so much wine that […]

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