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Yes it is true… I am off to Fernie for a weekend of Yoga & Skiing! SNOGA is the event name and I am very excited! I am all packed but I am leaving my cell phone, the internet, the blog, Facebook, and yes FARMVILLE behind.

I am bring my spirit and my camera with […]


If you are on Facebook you may have seen that recently they had Doppelgänger week. A doppelgänger is another word for your look-a-like. You were supposed to change your profile picture to someone famous that you have been told looks like you. Well I didn’t want to do it on my Facebook but I decided […]

Cuban Suprise!

WOW! I just booked a trip to Cuba! Many of you know that I try my best to visit Cuba once each year. What makes this trip unique is I leave 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!

I really didn’t think I would be able to swing the trip this year but at the last minute the […]

How do you word life?

Yesterday I overheard and received two great word-smithed lines. I often carefully choose my words to enhance more desired outcomes in life. Do you?

Here are the two examples I heard at the mall:

The first instance I over heard a mother ask her toddler in a very cheery voice:“Are you a strong and […]

Need Inspiration?

Check out this motivational video Kent found to help you push through your push-ups tonight or whatever else you might have planned…

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