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On Holidays

I can’t believe I am doing this but now that I can see my return to Canada on the horizon and after my plans to catch the blog up from Hamburg were quashed by massive amounts of partying I have decided to close the blog for this week.

When I return home to Canada […]


Don’t worry! I am alive and well, just very Internet challenged here. Budapest is a beautiful city and once again my feet are tired LOL They have many hills here similar to Mount Royal in Montreal with beautiful paths that wind and criss-cross to the top. In addition to the hills they have caves, World […]

Day 2 Discover I have no ticket

I woke up in the morning after my long crazy adventure to see the castles of Romania and was having a chat with the hostel staff. I was asking what time I needed to leave the next day to make it to the airport in time. He gave me all the information I needed and […]

Day 1 Discover the Castles

Bucharest started off great! The hostel was good, the city was interesting and I was excited to be there. It gradually went downhill from that point forward. I think I was still too exhausted for such a challenging city but I feel great for having conquered it now looking back.

Day 1 I was off […]


Before we move on to Bucharest I forgot to cover one more very important thing I did on my birthday in Istanbul. Something else I saved for that special day was going to the traditional Turkish baths!

An amazing experience! To start they give you a small towel and a private room to get changed […]

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