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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Le Web 2.0

I am taking my mom’s advice and really not “travelling” right now. Just spending the day roaming sitting and experiencing. I met Konstantin in my hostel who is from Germany and is in France for school in political science. He brought me to Centre Pompidou, an amazing structure in Paris and right now we are […]

Small Breakdown

Hey everyone! I have missed you all very much this week and I thank-you for your messages and concern. This week was pretty hard to get through but I have made it and I am now DONE!

I have still been in Montreal but it didn’t work out to be as relaxing and fun as […]

In transit

Well my time has come to an end in Manila, Philippines but my blogs are not yet finished. I still have some videos and pictures to share with you from our trip to the volcano and our last days here. Right now I am sitting in the Manila airport about to start the long journey […]

Nakakamanghang Party!

AMAZING PARTY! I was overwhelmed with the effort and enthusiasm of the team at the party on Saturday night! Beyond the dance numbers, the singing, the live bands (yes multiple!) there was a pagent to kick the night off. I was one of the lucky judges that had the hard task of picking the winner. […]

Kicked by two horses

Friday night after training Percy & Brandy took us out shopping and to experience some night life. We hit up the famous Green Hills shopping area known for it’s knock-off purses, and various other knock-off items. I think for me though the highlight of Green Hills was stopping by Brandy’s food kiosk where he makes […]

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