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Street Prophet

Today at lunch I was motoring my way down the sidewalk approaching a street prophet. As I approached him he stopped his speech, looked me directly in the eyes and said in a soothing calm voice “Slow down brother, slow down”.

It was enough to make me wonder what cosmic force he was channeling made […]

LMFAO Loving You!

Nick introduced this mix to me last week and I can’t seem to get enough of it. If you are a big fan of “Love Lockdown” you should enjoy this mix! The video isn’t a real vid and you don’t have to watch it, just sit back and enjoy this Kanye West & LMFAO mix.


It’s back! 2.0 Style

You may recall how devastated I was back in April when I lost my iPod iTouch. I also have kept you in the loop here and on Twitter with my progress in getting a replacement using gift cards from work.

Well today, the gift cards came in, I bought the replacement and I am thrilled!


Happy Birthday Becca!

LOL If you have clicked on this post you will see a new temporary header image for the site. It was something I told Becca I was going to do a long time ago and thought what a perfect time to surprise her! So Becca, this is for YOU!

*HUGS* Happy Birthday Day!


Neil […]

Drive-by Drag

Well it was definitely a show not to be missed! The staff at PLAY completely out did any expectations I had for the show and I had a blast. Here are some pictures I snapped from tonight’s performances. I was molested a couple times sitting in the front row but nothing as crazy as Twiggy […]

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