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Talking Fridge

Recently I was given my first set of Magnetic Poetry. As I placed all the words on my fridge I felt a bit like that guy from the TV show NUMB3RS. Phrases and patterns were flashing before my eyes and random groupings were appearing. I particularly liked this small phrase that popped out.

The […]

P O E M or B L E T C H

Standing over here, I think I can see love. Standing among the crowd, I am told is love. Standing at someone’s side, can feel like love. There are actions I take, that look like love. It is easy to tell myself, yes this is love.

Then I feel an inner connection. This is all brand […]

Rolling with the Waves

I have arrived in Cuba and all is wonderful! I was up at 2 am making my way through the snow to the airport in Edmonton. Seems like I left just in time. When I got to the airport I was happy to hear that I had been approved for my humanitarian exemption so that […]

You have been warned!

I am armed and dangerous looking for your bad parking job!

For Christmas my friend Becca gave me two of these great cards! They are sitting in my glove compartment waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them. When I am infuriated enough and find the perfect situation I will notify the owner of the […]

Up Up and Away

This post is set to auto publish at 7:00 am MST. That means that as you read this I am most likely in the air headed for Cuba. Today I faced the hard task of packing everything I am taking down into my 4 suitcases. Amazingly I think I made it all fit and […]

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