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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library


As you may have guessed from yesterday’s post I did attend a Drag show production of KYLIE20/08. I was expecting the show to be AMAZING so I bought advanced tickets to both the Tuesday & the Wednesday show and they did not disappoint!

This White Diamond Production / SHOWBOY original event under direction of SeXXXy […]

Too many late nights

I have missed blogging these last few days. The last two nights I was out very late attending something very fun. Then tonight I was going to share it with you all, but an emergency came up. So I managed to pull together this small teaser for you before I roll into bed and pass […]

What happened?

Yeepers! The world was on fire today! I am going to blame Monday on moon cycles. It has to be that or weather patterns. Given that it is almost December and the forecast for Edmonton is highs all above zero for this week with no snow in sight I am more inclined now to blame […]

Not your typical Sunday

WOW so many random activities today!

First I woke up and without leaving my bed I watch a movie. Notes on a Scandal (2006) Rating:

Really good movie! A bit serious for a Sunday morning but I enjoyed it a lot. It was one that I always passed on in the video store because […]


Hrmmmm so I just got my cell phone bill in the mail and as it turns out dialing #TAXI isn’t free.

Someone told me that they “thought” it was free. I dialed it anyway and thought I would test it and spread the word. It is a good service and the idea behind it is […]

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