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I was shot 3 times today!

Once for Yellow Fever, Once for Typhoid, and once for Hepatitis A! 😉 (The typhoid hurts like a mo-fo)

In prep for my upcoming trip to Peru in November I visited the Government of Canada Travel Reports & Warnings page like I always do when researching a new country or making trip plans. I recommend […]

Melting Racism

I know pretty heavy topic for a Tuesday morning but for some reason the topic of Racism has been popping up in my life lately.

Living in Canada I am sometime oblivious to race or skin tone because this country is so diverse you come to expect that the people around you may or may […]


WOW so busy and so burnt out! Excited to come home on Sunday night. I have lots of stuff I would like to write about so I thought a revelations format would work well so I can share some tidbits.

Neil’s Revelations:

AC Jazz is less an airline and more of a bus with wings […]

En français…

Welcome everyone, I am writing to you from my hotel room in Rimouski, QuĂ©bec. I finally had a moment to slow down and check in. You last heard from me when I was in Toronto enjoying myself but also rushing around from office to office for work. Hmmm looking back one post it looks like […]

Beam me up, not down!

Remember yesterday’s post and how on top of the world and happy I was. I mentioned that I was beaming out good vibes to everyone. Well today at Union station (subway) I stopped for a second to let a lady come through the door in front of me. A very grouchy voice from behind me […]

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