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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Expect the Unfreakinbelievable!

So I am typing this on the commercials as I watch Big Brother 10. I am completely beside myself watching the show because my buddy Rob totally blew it earlier tonight and told me that Jessie didn’t get evicted tonight! (Dang time shifting) That being said I think it is making that feat even more […]

The results are in!

Since this blog is still new many of you might not know I am a vegetarian. I wasn’t always a vegetarian but after a weekend with Anthony Robbins in Vancouver December 2007 I haven’t looked back. I went to his UPW (Unleash the Power Within) conference expecting great insights, life and attitude changes. While I […]

Disturbed by Disturbia

While doing my morning check-in on the web I stumbled on the music video for Disturbia by Rihanna. I still love the song but I am not a fan of the video. I think mostly because up till now when I heard the song I pictured my own video. My version of the video had […]

Bodybuilder train wreck

Sheesh!!! For those of you that know how much I have been rooting for Jessie Godderz to go far in Big Brother 10, you know how hard it must have been for me to watch tonight’s episode. We have seen it happen over the years in past seasons and it happened again. They feel threatened […]

My Walk to Work

Most mornings I walk to work through the Edmonton River Valley. I wanted to share with everyone the beauty of the walk I get to enjoy each day! I was grateful this morning for the opportunity to take these pictures for you because this morning I saw things that I pass by each day but […]

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