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Postcard #32

Continuing the postcards from Sinhagad Fort, here are three more photos! The first is a couple of goofs, the second is a couple of gargoyles and the third is a couple of as…. ummm donkeys.         Sinhagad Fort, India […]

Movember 20th

Ahhhhhh I couldn’t take it anymore! My moustache was getting out of control. It was so bushy, I didn’t have wax for it and it was over taking my lip. I constantly had to comb it out of the way and an overgrown moustache isn’t conducive to eating gravy consistency Indian food with your fingers. […]

Postcard #31

Just when you think you know everything about a peanut! While we were hiking at Sinhagad Fort Rudra bought some steamed fresh peanuts. Not roasted, not hard, they didn’t shatter, they simply peeled open, were soft with a pink hue, and had the most interesting flavor and moisture. I love new experiences!         Sinhagad […]

Postcard #30

Saturday morning we left work at 5:30am and headed out to explore Sinhagad Fort just outside Pune. We snapped 100s of photos there so blogging the experience will be best done on a computer v.s. my iPhone. However this is one of my favorite scenery shots of the morning! The landscape appears alien […]

Postcard #29

While en route for the shopping day I spotted this ruined building and treescape that I NEEDED to photograph. I had John turn around the motorcycle so I could snap these photos. I loved the fresco you can see around the door, the invasion of the tree and the many crows and eagles in […]

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