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The Library

An important day!

Today May 31, 2013 marks a very important day where I really start to Eat Life Up! I have turned in my notice on my apartment that I have lived in for 12 years! I am moving out of my apartment and into the world.

This may be hard for you to comprehend […]

Keanae, Maui, Hawaii sunrise

I woke up at 4am again today and drove the Hana Highway to the closest, remote, and beautiful place I knew that the sun would rise over the ocean. This was my reward         Keanae, Maui, Hawaii […]

Northshore Maui Hostel

I lie awake in my Northshore Maui Hostel bed at 4:30am marveling at the variety of breathing my bunk mates have. I am not awake because of them but rather from the jet lag. I managed to sleep 4 uninterrupted hours with them so far.

Let me classify them for you:

The warthog […]

Postcard #34

This majestical country that is India has so many ways to view it. I have been so lucky to be here for a month to experience many of these views. Food, people, weather, city, hills, caves, temples, work, day & night! I had a huge day of exploring with friends yesterday. Many pictures […]

Postcard #33

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty could’ve had quite the fall. We were quite high up and these pictures fail to capture some of the steep edges. I chose my poses carefully though and only took pictures in places where I knew the fall would only rough me up versus terminate me! […]

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