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Where are they now?

Today I had an awesome surprise! Jens (Germany) who I met in Lima Peru found his way back to Backpacker’s Family House in Lima, Peru and commented on my blog. When I got home and noticed his comment that Pedro (Peru) and him were reading my blog and the time of their comment was only […]

Last Days

You may recall that my trip down to Peru was extremely lucky in regards to flights with flights even taking off early. Well all return trips weren’t so fortunate. Starting with weather delays in Cusco. I was fine to sit and wait for my flight because I knew I was heading back to Lima. […]

Machu F’ing Awesome Picchu

At first I didn’t have much to say that was nice about Machu Picchu the town. Everything I did was urking me a bit. It was amazingly beautiful, but it felt like everytime I moved it was costing me money. I also wasn’t able to book a hostel there so I had to book a […]

Coincidence in Cusco

So this morning was the beginning of my first early rise day on this trip. I was supposed to get a wake up knock, yes, I said wake up knock hehehe at 5:30 this morning. That was going to be enough time to pack, eat a small breakfast, then catch a cab to the train […]

Kylie in Lima Photos!

Hey everyone, as I type this post to you I am sitting in an internet cafe in the bottom of my hotel in Machu Picchu! It is pouring rain so I thought I would upload some photos. Alas their internet sattelite provider here blocks youtube access so I can´t load up any of the videos […]

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