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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Mr. Out of Left Field

So I was cleaning up some e-mail tonight and found an e-mail to myself from my cell phone that I took in a theater on May 19th. I have no clue what movie I was seeing or who I was with but I snapped this photo of the screen during the previews.

So I looked […]

Facebook funny

HAHAHAHA what I am about to share with you is mostly for the laugh. Though I am sure that all of you can identify with at least a bit of the song especially if you use Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook, the song probably still speaks to you on that fact that everyone uses […]

Have a great Monday!

So I woke up extra early this morning and wanted to set your day off on the right foot!

If at all this week you don’t feel like dancing, watch this video and contrary to the lyrics you will want to.


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