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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

We be tight!

The second episode of the Big Brother season is behind us and of course I LOVED IT!

“I just like how tanned these tights make me look”

– Jessie

I can’t thank Big Brother enough for bringing Jessie back into the house! Nothing made me happier than seeing Jessie and Russell hit it […]

Gift from the Muscle Gods

So all my wishes and the internet rumors came true! Jessie Godderz is indeed back in the Big Brother house!

Not only is he back in the house, he is HOH, he is playing with the Athletes, Russell & Jeff are both on the Athletes team, and the entire team is SAFE for the […]

Naming the Car

Well 14 months after buying my car, tonight “He” finally got a name!

It all started with a friend and I talking about people naming their cars or other possessions. Then I got to thinking that I really should name this car. I have gone through 6 cars now and this car makes 7. Out […]

Dan’s the man!

So tonight has been an all around lucky night for me! I made it to the airport just before rush hour. I avoided all construction. I checked in with zero issue. I boarded the plane and it took off on time. The plane wasn’t very full so there was plenty of room and an empty […]

Big Brother Mania!


I know I have been lacking on the Big Brother updates because of my back but don’t think for a minute that I stopped watching!

In fact I haven’t missed an episode this entire season. I may have also been resistant to write about Big Brother for the last couple of […]

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