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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Good Vibrations!

I can’t begin to do this appropriate justice right now because I am exhausted but I have been vibrating all night I am so excited! Today I received vacation approval at work and spent 5 hours tonight booking all the flights for my big 30th Birthday vacation!

In the past I have always gone away […]

Party #2, #3, & #4

Sorry for the delayed updates… Also lack of a Big Brother update. I have yet again put out my back and worse than last time.

Party #2 was bubble tea and that was really nice. I tried the shaved ice this time instead of bubble tea and it was so amazing I may never order […]

Party #1

What a perfect way to set my 9 birthday parties off to a good start! Though let me tell you this was no 2 hour night!

The place was packed! We got there early enough to grab a few tables and chairs but we had to fight for them and still some of my […]

All about backs

First of all, I am back and so is my back. I was ignoring my sore back because I have been busy lately and on Wednesday morning my back had ENOUGH! The pain was ridiculous and after 2 chiropractor sessions, 1 massage, a muscle relaxant and a drink I am feeling much better.

Second, Big […]

My birthday plans

Birthday last year in Rome!

So my birthday has been on my mind lately even though it doesn’t arrive until September. For those of you that know me well you know that every year starting with my 17th birthday I have a tradition of going on vacation by myself. The trips started out small […]

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