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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Dan’s the man!

So tonight has been an all around lucky night for me! I made it to the airport just before rush hour. I avoided all construction. I checked in with zero issue. I boarded the plane and it took off on time. The plane wasn’t very full so there was plenty of room and an empty […]

Second Last Big Brother Post!

WOW! Great episode tonight!

I have to admit I was nervous the entire show thinking that Dan or Memphis might stupidly decide to turn on the other one and destroy their “Renegade” alliance they have been running since week 4 in the house.

In the end the Renegades held STRONG! Dan won HoH Part 1 […]

Big Brother Mania!


I know I have been lacking on the Big Brother updates because of my back but don’t think for a minute that I stopped watching!

In fact I haven’t missed an episode this entire season. I may have also been resistant to write about Big Brother for the last couple of […]

Big Brother War? Travel Tip & Sex and the City

So I just finished watching the taped Sunday night show of Big Brother. I was out late last night with a bunch of friends watching the long weekend Sunday Drag show (which was absolutely awesome as usual, great job Bianca!)

First of all I have to announce that I am really starting to like Dan […]

Expect the Unfreakinbelievable!

So I am typing this on the commercials as I watch Big Brother 10. I am completely beside myself watching the show because my buddy Rob totally blew it earlier tonight and told me that Jessie didn’t get evicted tonight! (Dang time shifting) That being said I think it is making that feat even more […]

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