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Last night’s show was a packed house with an amazing line-up of Edmonton’s Finest! I have never seen the Stardust Lounge so full and it gave the show tonnes of energy.

The girls did an amazing job like they always do, despite the many accidents that they seemed to be cursed with. Here are some highlights of the show:

  • The hair in show almost out shined the talent. Vanity’s hair was stunning! Ethyl’s hair was stacked to the ceiling for her solo number and was second only to her dress. Chanelta didn’t disappoint with her Texas hair, possibly the biggest I have seen her wear. Crystal ball was amazing and I think would have made Farrah Fawcett extremely jealous. Tara Bull I hadn’t seen perform before but she too had hair I think taller than she was!
  • The Empresses were in town! Marni was very entertaining and it was my first time seeing Kelsey-Breeze Twist perform. Both looked very regal!
  • A wee bit tipsy Twiggy took her act into the crowd and messed with a few people. I think I got off lucky that she just messed my hair up while other people got lipstick and more on their glasses.
  • Bianca was FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY! I don’t care what she says, the pills might help but her talent backs them up. Bianca also did an amazing job of Kylie Minogue and knowing how Bianca feels about Kylie that made me very happy!

Here is a video clip of the finale for you all. A thousand times better in person and if I figure out how to publish the higher quality version of the video I will.

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